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as every small business needs to be flexible to thrive
so, we are as flexible as a yoga teacher.
small business website design
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It's tough out there

Let's be honest, it's even tougher than usual out there at the moment with the Covid epidemic. So, it is imperative to drive the right business to your website in such a competitive market, online. But, online sales have increased dramitacally for small business and 35% of product searches start on Google. We are dedicated to your small business and to help you grow. You will not find any other professional web design studio that has 'jam packed' their bundles with more than ours! If you do, then we will add more jam. We design and build big, colourful designs that keeps the focus on your products. Designed to scale startups into successful online stores. Great for small and large inventories.

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Dedicated to you

Our designers will work closely with you to design and build a stunning, optimised website around your brand or service which will drive sales and engage with your targeted audience. With our built in custom SEO package at no extra cost, you can be assured of a stunning website that provides a real return on your investment. Whether we are near to you or not, we work consistently to drive traffic to your small business from local areas to wish to target. We work with Small Businesses all over the UK and have excellent geographical knowledge and access to software which are built to target your desired audience.

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Relevant Design

The importance of a quality website design cannot be underestimated. It can impact how the perception of your brand and impacts how your site will rank in terms of search engine optimisation on sites such as Google and Bing. With an expected change in Google's search algorithms coming soon, UX & UI will feature heavily in your website rankings. As such, we build relevant websites around your brand, your customers and how they expect to get around your site, fast.

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Once we take on a project, we spend around 40% of our time in research and development in to your brand, competitors and customers alone.  Our spare time is also taken up by research and development of Web design techniques is where we started and covers around 77% of our work. We have developed and honed our skills. We promise to build you the website of your dreams and one you love and so will your customer. We provide all the knowledge and have all the tools so you can stand out online with a professional website. We turn your idea in to a reality.